Nedsættelse af fiberbeton brønde

Fiber-concrete container


Areas of application 
The solid-cast fiber-concrete containers can be used wherever there is a need for a tight and stable volume. With these solutions it is possible to have containers with a volume of more than 23,000 liters.
Typical applications include: pumping stations, structures, cored holes, sand traps, separators and collection tanks.

Fiber-concrete solutions

Fiber-concrete solutions are environmentally friendly products, made primarily of sand, stones, binding agents and water. The concrete will always have a final strength of over 60 MPa, which together with the added polypropylene improves the fiber-concrete’s tensile strength so that a reduction of wall thickness is possible.
The product is soft-cast in steel molds, which ensures a stable and uniform shape. The high concrete strength and the dense smooth surface make the product highly resistant against aggressive influences. The smooth surface also means that the products are easy to clean.


All containers are manufactured as structures, where the base and walls are cast in one operation. So there are no construction joints between the wall and the base.
Due to the thinner wall, it is possible to get the units over 3 meters high. Structures of up to 7 meters are only made from 2 sections - a base and a top section.
Accessory options 
Depending on the application, it will be able possible to have lifting security, banquettes, drilled holes with approved seals, cast-in connectors, cast-in walls, special top deck, etc.