Ig well system


The Ig well system consists of unreinforced concrete bases in dimensions Ø100, Ø125, Ø150 and Ø200 cm with or without a through/side inlet for the connection of lg pipe or lg pipe plugs.  

A few well types are produced for connecting other pipe types, e.g. PVC and Ultra-pipe. Moreover, lg well systems have well rings in all dimensions and well cones Ø100 and Ø125 cm.

All well bases and rings are fitted with a tapered assembly with a slip ring, which is functionally tested for assembly class A.

The assembly has a slip assembly, which ensures a tight seal and makes the assembly of the lg well system quick and secure.

Well bases in Ø100 and Ø125 cm are produced with a precast shoulder in the following three types:

  • Well base L has a level through flow and two perpendicular side inlets. 
  • Well base Y has two inlets positioned at an angle of 45° with an outlet. 
  • Well base M has a level through flow and four side inlets. Wells with sand traps are produced in Ø100 and Ø125 cm without any connection and with a flat base.

Well bases with dimensions Ø150 and Ø200 cm are also produced without any connection with a flat protruding base.

The Ig well system also includes special well systems, such as the Junction well, Flex well and Unit well. These well types can fit any requirement as the in and outlets can be placed freely in terms of dimensions and location.

Finally, in the lg well system there is a road well Ø40 cm with optional connection to lg or PVC pipe (see "Road and House wells).

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