Junction Chamber

Junction chambers are produced as prefabricated chamber bases with Ø100 and Ø125 cm manholes, where the in and outlet can be chosen freely with respect to dimensions and location. Junction chambers are produced with and without sand traps and do not require use of special pipe products such as reducers, bends, etc.

junction chambers are produced with Ø100 cm manholes with ig-pipe connections Ø15-30 cm and Ø125 manholes with ig-pipe connections Ø15-60 cm.
The chambers are usually intended to be built with manhole rings and cones.


Connections to junction chambers are normally made at 1 ° intervals. The minimum number of degrees depends on the dimension of the connecting pipelines.

Pipe connections are also manufactured with connection for other types of pipe such as PVC or Ultra-pipe.

Assembly type

The assembly is a slip ring assembly Class A, which ensure tightness and makes the assembly of the ig-chamber system quick and secure.