Presrør i beton


IBF Prespipe is a circular reinforced concrete pipe intended for pressing or pushing through the ground.


IBF Prespipes are used under roads, railways, dams and buildings – i.e. places where excavation is not suitable.

Besides its use as wastewater or rainwater pipes, the pipes can be used to conduct various technical installations, or as a connection.


The pipe is pushed into the ground by means of a hydraulic cylinder, while at the same time removing the soil in the pipe. The soil moves backwards through the pipes that are already laid and it can be driven away.

To facilitate sliding between the pipe and types of soil, and to ensure that any spaces around the pipe are filled, the pipes can be fitted with non-return valves, which allows slip/filling agents to be added.

A steerable tubular steel pipe with inserts is mounted on the front of the Prespipe to reduce the pushing force and make it possible to adjust the direction.

The longest stretch that the pipes can be pushed through the ground is determined by the type of soil and friction. If a long length is required, or force of pushing rises above the expected level, it is possible to insert a hydraulic way station,

which divides the press length into 2 or more lengths.

Without a way station, a press length of 150 m is not unusual.