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Seals and Accessories

Modern drainage pipelines must be economic, tight, durable and chemically resistant.
While it is relatively quick and easy to install pipelines, it is far more challenging to construct them for long-term trouble free operation.
Forsheda pipe sealers and Forsheda seals ensure for long life and minimize the risk of leakage.
IBF therefore offers a complete Forsheda range and special solutions from Alnino Connect.

Drilling and cutting projects:

IBF perform all types of drilling and cutting projects. Please contact us for further information.


IBF stock a ladder system that can be simply installed in inspection chambers, etc.

Assembly of bore systems:

Assembly types

Product groups

Assembly material

Slip assembly

Gls-bore products

F-154 Slip

Double joint assembly

Fiber-concrete solutions

PCI special mortar/sealing band

Joint assembly

Joint-bore products

Bore foam


F/N bore products

Bore foam