Unit well chambers

The units are prefabricated manhole units manufactured to order with regard to the dimensions of manholes and pipe connections, as well as adapting the flow direction to met the factors present.

Inlet, outlet and side inlet, as well as the possible angles of rotation can be different, and it provides a unique flexibility that makes the unit the most flexible manhole unit on the market.

The unit does not require the use of special pipe products such as double tapered ends, reducers, bends, etc.


The units are made ​​with ig-pipe connections Ø15-160 cm and are designed to have manhole rings and cones.

The pipe connection is usually made to an ig-assembly and with optional elevation. The pipe connections are also manufactured with connections for other types of pipes. The units can also be made purely as bends.


The units are constructed so that there is virtually no limitation in regards to connection dimensions and location.

Assembly type

It is a slip ring assembly class A, which ensures tightness and makes the assembly of the ig-bore system quick and secure.