Leca-Groove Block


Leca-Groove Block 


Leca-groove blocks - for reinforced basement walls


Leca blocks with grooves are made for reinforced walls that allows for 8 mm ribbed reinforcing steel and the necessary recasting. Leca-groove blocks are made in 350 mm widths and therefore fit under most modern cavity walls and Lecaterm walls.

Leca-groove blocks can be used for basement walls as an exterior moisture protection and thermal insulation and can therefore be attributed to the passive environmental class.


Leca-groove block are reinforced with 2 pieces of reinforcing steel 8 mm KS 550 TS, one in each groove. The grooves also provide space for the anti-corrosion recasting with at least 15 mm mortar KC 20/80/550.

Placement of the reinforcement is secured with ordinary plastic spacers in a 15 mm layer. For impacts, the overlap must be at least 600 mm and placed in the level wall line. In the corners it is easiest to use angled reinforcing steel that goes at least 600 mm into the grooves of the adjacent block. The bend diameter for the ribbed bar must be at least 24 mm.