Retaining wall

IBF carries a large and varied selection of plant stones and retaining wall systems

They are often used to allow for terrain differences in order optimize the use of sloping land, but they are also used for shielding against noise as double walls.

When designing retaining walls, special attention should be given to the factors, which include, among others, height/tilt, load and "open or closed" wall. For each retaining wall system there are charts for designing, as well as instructions for installation.

Depending on the factors, walls can be built up to approx. 3 m in height. If this height is exceeded, you can install special anchorage. Under certain circumstances, we recommend that you seek geotechnical expertise.

Depending on wall type and design, it is possible to construct the wall as an "open wall". This means that there is a space between each stone that allows for planting, so over time a "green wall" is formed. Therefore, great stability is achieved combined with high aesthetic value.