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Fanø dobbelts tagsten
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Dobbelts tagsten sort
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Dobbelt-s tagsten i sort
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Dobbelts sort
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Dobbelt s tagsten i sort
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Sorte dobbelt s tagsten
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Tagsten sort dobbelt s
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Dobbelt-s tagsten på gråt hus
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Betontagsten i sort
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Sorte tagsten dobbel S
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Tagsten dobbelts i sort
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Sorte betontagsten dobbelt s
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Sorte dobbelts tagsten
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Tagsten dobbelt-s i sort
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Beton tagsten i rød
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Dobbel-s tagsten i rød
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Tagsten dobbels i tegl rød
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Dobbelt-s tagsten i rød


IBF Double-S

- the decade’s best known concrete roof tile.

IBF Double-S is characterized by the low wave profile, which gives the finished roof a calm and soft appearance. 

The tiles are made ​​of dyed concrete that are treated on the surface with an acrylate material, which besides giving a beautiful color, also prevents calcium build-up, as well as moss and algae formation.

The colors yellow and patina are supplied with no surface treatment.