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Vinge tagsten antracit
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Betontagsten vinge økonomi rød
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Røde vinge økonomi tagsten
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Røde tagsten vinge økonomi
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Sorte tagsten vinge økonomi ved rødt hus
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tagsten sort vinge økonomi
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Vinge økonomi tagsten sort

Wing Economy

IBF Wing Economy

- double width = quick laying.

IBF Wing Economy is a further development of the classic wing style that has been popular for decades.

The style is the same, but double the width. This means fewer joints and faster laying. With IBF Wing Economy you get a beautiful and economical roof solution.

The tiles are made ​​of dyed concrete that are treated on the surface with an acrylate material, which besides giving a beautiful color, also prevents calcium build-up, as well as moss and algae formation.

The yellow tiles are supplied with no surface treatment.