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Hearting Readymix

Hearting readymix

Hearting readymix is the type of concrete that has been on the market the longest. IBF has long experience in producing and delivering this type of readymix. Hearting readymix should be vibrated mechanically until the encapsulated air is expelled. 

Strength class:
8 to 35 MpA. with 32 mm gravel as standard. Hearting readymix is also supplied with 16 mm or 8 mm gravel according to requirement. 

Typical choice is in the slump range of 40 – 200 mm.

Environmental class: 
Basically, passive, which is a dry environment and where corrosion does not occur.

Application areas: 
Hearting readymix in environmental class passive is used primarily for indoor construction and dry environments, such as soil covered foundations.