Vibration Free

Vibration free

One of the most sold types of ready mix concrete is vibration free, also called fluid fill concrete or self consolidating concrete. A type of concrete that IBF also supplies.

With the help of additives, it is possible to produce a concrete with fluid properties, which distinguishes it from conventional concrete. Vibration free concrete releases the encapsulated air. The concrete has good flow properties, which makes finishing and grinding much easier.

It can be done, for example, with a PVC pipe on a shaft - also called a jitter. Vibration free concrete is not self-leveling, but is considered as self-leveling.

Strength class
As standard it is supplied in 4 strength classes: 20 MPa, 25 MPa, 30 MPA or 35 MPa. with 32 mm gravel as standard.  It can also be supplied with 16 mm or 8 mm gravel if required. 

Typical choice is in the slump range of 500 – 600 mm.