Can paving really prevent flooding?

A Thoroughly Tested System
We began developing it back in 2010 when the first major floods occurred in Denmark.

> Operation and Maintenance
Our permeable paving solutions come with a tailor-made operation and maintenance system.

> 4 Strong Paving Variants
IBF permeable pavements consist of 4 variants: SF®-Permaloc, SF-Rima®, SF-Økoloc®, and SF-ØkoSuperloc.

> IrmaByen
The goal is for the system to handle a 100-year event. Read about it here.

Perma-Drain® Home

With Perma-Drain® Home, it is now possible to offer permeable paving for private driveways. You can choose between IBF tiles in sizes 30x30 and 30x60 cm or IBF paving stone SF-Rima®. The solution manages rainwater where it falls. A tested system that works...

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IrmaByen in Rødovre is known for the iconic Coffee Tower, which was erected back in 1968. The tower will also be the newly built city's focal point, but IrmaByen will also be particularly known for how the city manages rainwater. With LAR solutions, permeable pavements, and concrete installations designed to delay and divert water, the city can handle a 100-year event.

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